According to Section 13 of the Architects Registration Act, a registered architect may be struck off the register (deregistered) where he/she:

  1. Fails to notify the registrar of his or her current address within a period of six months beginning with the date on which he or she receives an inquiry sent by the registrar, by registered letter, to the address appearing in the register against his or her name.
  2. Requests that his or her name be deleted from the register, in which case that person may be required to satisfy the board by affidavit lodged with the registrar that no criminal proceedings or proceedings under section 17 are being taken or likely to be taken against him or her.
  3. Is found guilty of any offense or disgraceful conduct pertaining to his or her profession, the board may direct that his or her name be struck off the register and his or her practicing certificate be withdrawn.
  4. Does not pay the annual subscription fee by that architect for a period exceeding four months from the time it is due.

Except as in the circumstances provided under subsection (2)(a) and in the case of a deceased person, any person whose name is struck off the register shall be notified by the registrar by registered letter.