The 9th Board also introduced site inspections to ensure quality assurance by architects in the construction process. The technical inspector will carry out inspections to ensure that stickers are displayed on sites.

  1. Every building site shall have a visible and clear signboard in accordance with the guidelines provided by these ARB Byelaws on Signboards and Return Forms during any construction or architectural work of all sorts.
  2. A signboard shall measure “32” inches wide and “24” inches high. The maximum height of a signboard shall be 25 feet and may not be located above the highest point of the second floor of any building unless in exceptional circumstances it shall require the approval of the Board.
  3. The signboard shall consist of a plate specifying the name and address of the Architect and where applicable the name of the firm of the architect supervising the construction project.
  4. The Board shall carry out site inspection to ensure enforcement of the requirements regarding signboards and compliance with acceptable standards of architecture.
  5. Every architect in charge of the site shall inspect and ensure that the requirements set by these bylaws are met and complied with.
  6. Before the commencement of any construction work, the architect shall obtain a sticker from the board to be displayed on the signboard. The sticker will only be issued if the plans of the architect have been approved by the local authority.
  7. An architect who fails to comply with the provisions of this bylaw shall be liable to disciplinary action by the disciplinary committee of the Board.