Before sending us a complaint, you should try to sort out your concerns directly with your architect first. This is often the quickest and best way to deal with a complaint or problem.

Checklist if complaining directly to an architect
  1. Check what was said in writing about roles and responsibilities at the beginning of your project. Check also the terms and conditions of the contract or agreement that your architect drew up – this may help to settle a dispute.
  2. Put your complaint in writing so that both you and your architect have a record of your concerns.
  3. Set out the details of your complaint as clearly as you can.
  4. If you have more than one complaint, list them and give them numbers.
  5. Ask who will deal with your complaint, and how long it is likely to take.
  6. Tell your architect what you would like them to do to settle your complaint (but please understand that your architect might not be able to do what you ask).