In accordance with the Architects Registration Act Cap.269, the Board is comprised of six members who serve a two-year term. Four members are selected by the Uganda Society of Architects during their Annual General Meeting, and two are appointed by the Minister, Lands, Housing, and Urban Development (MLHUD).

The following are the members of the 12th Board with their respective positions:

Arch. Kiggundu Robert Henry

Robert is a graduate of architecture from Makerere University with a postgradu...Read More

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Arch. Lawino Mariam
Vice Chairperson

Mariam Lawino has a Degree and Masters in Architecture with over 20 years of...Read More

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Arch. Mbabazi Verna Mwinganisa

Arch. Verna is currently the Principal Architect at Evolution Edge. She has exper...ReadMore

Arch. Kabarungi Jacinta Bishanga

Arch. Kabarungi Jacinta is the mediate past president of the Uganda Society of...Read More

Arch. Abdu Wahab Nyanzi

With over 20 years’ experience working in the construction industry, Arch. Abdu...Read More

Arch. Kajumba Steven Sendi

Arch. Kajumba Stephen Sendi is a senior Architect at Design Exploration Techn...Read More