Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPD?

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) refers to the activities which should take place throughout a person’s architectural career which are comprised of:

  • Continuing education and training,
  • Systematic maintenance,
  • Improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills,
  • Development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties and with an addition of community cooperation and participation.

Who should acquire CPD?

An Architect’s Registration Regulations, 2015 – Regulation 11(4) (c) Highlights that’s a registered professional “he or she during the year preceding the application should earn a minimum of 60 Continuing Professional Development Program set out in Schedule 3”.

What is misconduct?

Any person in contravention of Regulation 28 of the Code of Conduct and Ethics determined by the council is committing professional misconduct.

What is Professional Registration?

Professional registration is an important milestone for an Architectural professional. It establishes proven knowledge, understanding and competence. In particular, registration shows ones’ peers, employers and clients that one has demonstrated a commitment to professional standards and code of professional.