New by-laws target Ugandan architects

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All practicing architects in Uganda will have to fulfill the demands of the newly formulated and accented by-laws if they are to have their licenses renewed. Speaking to about 100 architects gathering at a hotel in Kampala on July 18, … Continued

Companies Operating Illegally

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PUBLIC NOTICE NO.ARB/003-2019 This is to inform the public that it is a crime to provide Architectural services in Uganda in a manner contrary to the provisions of the Architects Registration Act Cap 269. With reference to the aforementioned act, … Continued

Taking Caution Against Illegal Practice

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The Architects Registration Board cautions the public to beware of unauthorized persons illegally practicing architecture in the country. Indeed, certain individuals and firms, posing as Architects or Architectural Firms, present themselves to unsuspecting clients and submit proposals for consideration for … Continued

Crack Down on Illegal Practitioners

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People should only hire certified architects so that in case of anything, they can report to the Architects Registration Board. On August 15, 2018, the Architects Registration Board (ARB) carried out an operation to curb illegal practitioners, with the help … Continued

Removal From The Register

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PUBLIC NOTICE NO.ARB/002-2019 YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that in the exercise of the powers conferred upon the Architects Registration Board (hereinafter called “the Board”) by a section 13(2) of the Architects Registration Act Cap 269, the Board hereby directs that … Continued

Keeping Up To Date Through CPDs

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It is no longer adequate to obtain a professional qualification at the beginning of a career and then to work for 40 or 50 years with no further structured pattern of learning. Instead, lifelong learning is becoming the norm, with … Continued

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